Our main activities are trade and construction of wooden cottages, sheds, summerhouses, dwelling-houses, arbours, garages, saunas by prepared projects and individual customer orders.

Wood from ancient times, is one of the most natural and reliable materials, used in the manufacture of residential buildings and not only. Its unique features, such as: environment- friendly, warmth, resistance to external environment, allows to creat of such structures, that are safe, durable and comfortable.

apie_1 Our proposed structures are made of highest quality Siberian wood, that is carefully selected and safely brought to Lithuania by special orders.

All wooden constructures are made by high-class professionals,using new generation technology, that does not leave any space for mistakes. Therefore, when You buy our products, You get a high quality and durable buildings, that will serve Your needs perfectly.

We offer You high quality, natural,environmentally- friendly, different type and style constructions at an affordable price.

By choosing us, You choose quality, which fair ratio with the price we guarantee!

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